How to identify your ordinary or safety bicycle?

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This website is dedicated to antique bicycles. It is specifically meant to identify different makes of bicycles from (roughly) the period 1875-1895. This means: the heydays of the ordinary bicycle (or highwheel, or penny farthing) and the early safety bicycles. I hope you will find it helpful. 
I am from the Netherlands, but the full website is available in English. Click the chapters left to continue.

Deze website is speciaal opgezet om verschillende merken en modellen fietsen uit de periode 1875-1895 uit elkaar te houden. Dus: de hoogtijdagen van de hoge bi en de safety bicycle. Ik hoop dat de site helpt om je eigen fietsen te identificeren. Ik ben Nederlands, maar toch is het grootste deel van deze site er alleen in het Engels.

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PLEASE NOTE: this a not a sales site. None of these bikes is for sale, nor are they part of my collection - well, some are. I just made this site because I am amazed by these marvellous 19th century bicycles and like to spread and collect knowledge about them.

I spent a lot of time identifying my own bikes and some are still puzzling me. So let's work together: if you have an ordinary (penny farthing) or early safety and you know the maker, please make clear pictures of the bike and its most unique features, and send them to me. If the material is good, I will put it on my website. This will help others to identify their projects! Also: send me an e-mail if you think information on this site is not correct. All comments are welcome!

Most pictures on this site are made by me. But I also ‘took’ some from the internet – and I always try to give credits to the source. If anyone feels that his or hers picture is misused on this site, please let me know.

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 Important remark:  2020: This website exists 10 years already! And I am still daily busy e-mailing with enthusiasts. Please keep sending me pictures of your bicycles (please only 19th Century) . Keep asking questions. But alas, the system I used to build this site is obsolete and not maintained any more. This means I cannot make new pages or publish new pictures. 

I hope to find the time to make a complete new site one day.....